November 28, 2019: A Brief Hiatus

Dear Readers of “Writing the Heart”

November 28, 2019 “In Transition (again)”

November 28, 2019 by Sharon A. Bray, EdD | Edit

Dear Readers,

Louise DeSalvo, writing in her book, On Moving (2009)puts it this way:  “The effects of moving are experienced in the body…”  I will attest to that.  My husband and I are packing up our belongings for a third time in three years, moving (thankfully) only a few floors up in our building, but the change precipitated after a summer of having our ceiling open up and flood areas of our living and dining room–not once but twice, due to the forgetfulness of an elderly resident living above us.  Unwilling to risk a third downpour on our furniture and carpets, we’ll shortly begin the process unpacking all the many boxes that we’ve packed over the past two and a half weeks.  However, my husband has been limping for weeks from an injured knee, and I have, in the attempt to do the lion’s share of boxing and lifting, put my back out…so yes, I agree, moving IS being experienced in this writer’s body!

Writing the Heart (previously posts will resume in mid-December.  In the interim, if you’re looking for some aspects of your heart failure experience to write about, please do peruse the archive, where you’ll find a year’s worth of previous posts and writing suggestions.

Best wishes,

Sharon Bray

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